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OpenHAB Smart Home

openHAB stands for “open Home Automation Bus” and is an open source home automation software written in Java. The aim is to deploy it on premises and to connect to devices and services from different vendors. There are more than 300 bindings (end of 2019) available that allow to connect devices from different vendors.

Based on this, the platform becomes a the key to empower your smart home vendor and technology agnostic by open source automation software. On top, there is nearly nothing that you cannot add or extend it with. It simply needs you to create rules, scripts, etc. on top of the already existing and for free provided.

Its an amazing playground for your home and to make it smart!

About the How To’s

The how to’s, guidelines and tutorials that you can find in this category provide you generally with instructions and ideas that can be use- or helpful for you to resolve a certain challenge or to improve a certain situation. The how to’s have no right for correctness nor you should use them without thinking about the content. You should even challenge and understand the how to’s in order to ensure appropriate usage for your use case.


You are free to contribute and i would love to see your comments or even you touching base with me for adding a how to that you wrote and that you like to share with the world. Please feel free to contact me any time!

OpenHABian Update

This how to helps for an OpenHABian Update. Its actually very simple and a single command will get this done for you. Index of How To OpenHABian Update Background How To OpenHABian Update Additional Information Background As for my environment and to...

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