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Search in the Internet is to try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly for. In the Internet search engines like Google or Bing are very helpful tools allowing to be faster and better.

Generally, search means looking for something like an information or an item. In the Internet it is common using a Google or Bing. However, in real life really often the only options is to do it yourself. For example, if you do not know where you have put your iPhone. In this case, even Apple provides various technical options like the Find software, you will find yourself in running from room to room or place to place watching out for your iPhone. This is called search.

About the How To’s

The how to’s, guidelines and tutorials that you can find in this category provide you generally with instructions and ideas that can be use- or helpful for you to resolve a certain challenge or to improve a certain situation. The how to’s have no right for correctness nor you should use them without thinking about the content. You should even challenge and understand the how to’s in order to ensure appropriate usage for your use case.


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