Thank you so much for your interest into MyHowTo.blog! I am very pleased about you reading About MyHowTo.blog – Why I Maintain This Website.

You maybe wonder why I do this effort. Well, the answer is simple: I write these how to’s anyway and in the same time I love to share with you my knowledge.

I plan to continue keeping MyHowTo.blog up to date whilst adding from time to time new how to’s, live hacks and test reports. There however is no timeline and plan or anything like this. The frequency for updates will be randomly and I do this when I feel there is something I like to share. In the same time, I would like to give you the opportunity to Contact Me in case you are looking forward for a specific how to. Simply hit the Contact Me button on.

Why you should get back to MyHowTo.blog and bookmark it?

To be honest with you, this is your decision, but let me tell you why its maybe worth for you to comeback to MyHowTo.blog. I have so many how to’s, tips and tricks stored on my Mac being available only for me. On one day I thought why not share these to the world? Some of my how to’s, tricks, tests, etc.  for sure are helpful to people too. For example people that are searching and surfing in the web for help and how to’s. So… I said, well, stop thinking and instead of writing my how to’s in Apple Notes, let’s write them into this MyHowTo.blog. That has two advantages:

  • You can read them too and my how to’s, test reports and live hacks maybe help you to
  • I still have my how to’s, test reports and live hacks stored, but online in a blog

Should I recommend MyHowTo.blog?

It is a honour to me if you do so! With sharing it to others you basically indirectly tell me that you like it and that my shared knowledge is of interests for other people too. If you are thinking about how you can do this, well, this is simple. There are many options. I would say there is endless creativity to do so. Some examples:

  • Post a particular link of a blog or article I made into forums, your webpage, other’s webpages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, or other social media etc.
  • Post the link of MyHowTo.blog into forums, your webpage, other’s webpages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, or other social media etc.
  • Tell some one about this blog. Its actually simple to memorise: MyHowTo.blog

Why is so simple MyHowTo.blog without many pictures, graphics etc.?

Simply because I focus on sharing my how to’s, tips and tricks, tests etc. with you instead as  in the past in my Apple Notes on my Mac. That’s it!

I agree, I could start adding cool graphics, cool pictures etc., but at this point in time my focus is on the content and the knowledge. Maybe I change my mind at a later stage… 

Which provider are you using for this page?

Currently I am using Dreamhost.com with which I made so far a very good experience. Anytime I potentially could move to another provider as I am creating backups on a regular basis. Maybe I feel motivated at a certain point in time to write a how to about this as well and if I do, than I will be sharing it with you on this MyHowTo.blog! Promised! 

Do you maintain other websites or blogs

No. I simply have not the time for it.

Are you getting rich?

No! Further, this is not the idea behind. The idea is to keep notes of things I found out and I researched, whilst making it available also for you. I maybe use Affiliate links and plan to try for example Google adds. This at this point in time is more experimental and for me to learn. Maybe at a certain point in time I can cover the costs for maintaining this page. Honestly, having this page it currently creates costs only. If I like this stuff, then I maybe feel motivated to write a how to about. 

Where do you have the knowledge from to be capable of creating MyHowTo.blog?

 I studied information technology ages ago and I keep loving technology. I never went out of this and I love to try things in my free time.