Ice Hockey is one of the most famous sports in the world. It’s a fast game with an aweful lot of action. These how to bring you closer to the great action!

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a sports for teams played on ice skates and usually in an ice rink. It’s still dominated by men, but more and more woman try and love this sports.

Fans of this sport, the people watching others playing the games, are a growing community, worldwide. Certainly, the NHL is the biggest and most famous league in the world, but others are growing and becoming more famous too. Some of the leagues growing fast and becoming more famous are the Swiss National League, the Swedish Hockey League or the Czech Extraliga.

By average attendance, according to Wikipedia, its actually interesting to read that the National Hockey League (NHL) is the number 1 league, followed (and that’s a surprise!) by the Swiss National League.

Considering the United States have (also according to Wikipedia) in 2022 an estimated population of 333,287,557, Switzerland where the Swiss National League is from only has a population of 8,636,896. However, the Wikipedia statistics (as of 2018 – 2019) show that the biggest hockey league in the world are:

  • US National Hockey League (NHL) with 17,406 average attendance
  • Swiss National League with 6,949 average attendance
  • Germany Eishockey Liga with 6,215 average attendacne
  • follow by Kontinental Hockey League, American Hockey League, the Swedish Hockey League and the Czech Extraliga.

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