Miles & More

Miles & More is on of the largest airline loyalty program for frequent flyers. It is owned and operated by Lufthansa Group, a German airline company.

The Miles and More frequent flyer program was launced on January 1st 1993, ages agro. Its headquarters is in Germany.


All Lufthansa Group airlines are member of the Miles and More program, including:

Additionally, the following airlines adopted Miles & More as their sole loyalty program, despite not being owned by Lufthansa Group:

Collecting and Spending Miles

Furthermore, all member airlines of the Star Alliance, of which Lufthansa is a founding member, accept Miles & More memberships. A few further airlines that are not a star alliance member accept the program too. These airlines include:

* Data as of August 2023

Overall,  the loyalty program allows you to collect miles via flights, but also via the full integrated partners, including hotel chains, Deutsche Bahn trains, shopping in certain shops, renting cars, investing in a number of funds, opening accounts at certain banks, credit cards, etc.

The collected miles can be used to buy flights, but you also can use them to for example buy products in the Lufthansa worldshop. Furthermore, miles can be used to book flights for all Star Alliance members, including United Airlines. You can used the miles additionally to upgrade your flights. That’s possible with the following Star Alliance members:


Obviously, all customers of the program can build a status by collecting miles. The status will remain for a limited time. Status include:

  • Member: this is the entry status.
  • Frequent Traveller: Customers that collected 35 000 status miles or had 30 flights in one calendar year. The status is valid for 2 years. Within this 2 years a the member has to qualify again.
  • Senator: Customers that collected 100 000 status miles in one calendar year. Same as with Frequent Traveller, the status holds for 2 years
  • HON Circle: 600 000 HON Circle Miles within two calendar years. The status is valid for 2 years

* Information as of August 2023