Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone

This how to helps you to learn to Convert YouTube to MP3 with iPhone. Its actually very simple and you love to not install an App for this. Now, lets go thur, step by step.

Before you continue, you must consider all relevant copyright laws. You must ensure you are in line with these laws before you execute the below. The below how to is only to share with you how you can convert YouTube to Mp3, its however no justification of it being allowed in the country you are living in nor in the country in which the YouTube content was made. After execution what is shown in the below how to, I have deleted all files. Please note, you are fully accountable for what you are acting on. If you not sure about the below and about what you act with the below, than you must stop here and not execute the below. You must delete all converted files if you already executed the below and you are not sure about copyright laws.

Index Of How To Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone


There are different ways for converting YouTube files into MP3 files. On a Windows PC and on a Mac PC, this is actually very simple by leveraging on the Google Chrome browser. Check out this How To. 

On an iPhone however you cannot install the relevant plug ins on Chrome. You therefore need to find another way. Fortunately, the internet is offering you such options. The only thing you need to have is access to the internet. 

How To Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone

You only need three steps to get this done:

  • Find your content that you like to convert and before doing so consider the copyright laws
  • Open the website that allows you to convert and enter the relevant URL
  • Convert and download

Step one

Surf to You Tube and find the content that you like to convert. 

Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPad

Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone

On the YouTube website, or within the YouTube iPhone App, select the video you like to convert. Once done, copy the URL to this YouTube video. 

Step two

Surf to the website called This website is quite straight forward. There is a field into which you can copy and paste the link that you copied in the first step, select the media file you like to had (in this case MP3) and than hit download. Latest at this stage and before you hit download, you must consider copyright laws. If you have not done this, or if you are not sure about it, than you must not hit download.

Download MP3

Download MP3

Step three

Once you have converted the file, you need to click “Download” again, for the converted file. Most likely the website will be confusing you by opening another website. This newly opened website you can close immediately. Depending on your browser, you will be asked to download. For example:

  • Safari will show you a box in which you can click download
  • Chrome will show you a little window in the bottom in which you can click download 

Additional Information

Certainly there are many other options. If you found a better option than i found, than let me know.

MP3 is a coding format to digitalise audio. It was developed largely by Frauenhofer in Germany, with support from digital scientists in the United States. After release, MP3 did become as THE file format for digital music for many decades and it still is a very common format in the internet and audio world. 

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If you like to learn more about MP3, then you like to read this article to the Fraunhofer IIS. Also Wikipedia is actually providing you with lots of background and additional information about MP3.  

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