Difference Between PARTUUID and UUID

Unix based systems, incl. Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, SuSe) and Apple Mac typically consider PARTUUID and UUID for storage devices. There is however a difference between PARTUUID an UUID. Its basically not the same!

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PARTUUID and UUID are not the same. They look different and they are different! Thats the difference:

  • UUID: specifies the file systems UUID
  • PARTUUID: The PARTUUID partition identifier is supported for the GUID Partition Table (GPT) and others


There are various options to find the PARTUUID. I find the best option is to leverage on the lsblk command, as with the right options it shows very nicely all PARTUUID‘s of your file system. The lsblk and blkid commands mybe are useful too and achieve the same.


Find Both, PARTUUID and UUID

Find Both, PARTUUID and UUID

Additional Information

There is much more that you can do with the lsblk command and its option. Furthermore, there is much more knowledge on the internet about PARTUUID‘s and UUID‘s. You maybe like to leverage on Google on this, or alternatively I made available some sources for you:

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