How To Find The openhab-cli Default Username

This how to helps you to find the openHAB “openhab-cli” password. Each OpenHAB 3 and 4 installation leverage on a default password that is the same. 

How To Find The openhab-cli Default Username

How To Find The openhab-cli Default Username

Index Of How To Find The openhab-cli Default Username

Background of How To Find The openhab-cli Default Username

There could be reasons to every now and then access the openhab-cli. Of course there is the likelihood of you cannot remember the password and you have not stored it in your password safe. For this reason and because it happened to me too I have written this How To allowing you to find the default password easily in the internet.

How To Find The openhab-cli Default Username

The default user of openhab-cli is “openhab”, whilst the default password is “habopen”. You will notice, the “hab” and the “open” simply were put into a different position. Lets call this for now some sort of innovative with a big smily behind…


  • username: openhab
  • password: habopen

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