MS Teams Open App In Desktop App

This how to helps you to learn how to change the configuration for MS Teams to open an app in desktop app. 

MS Teams Open App In Desktop App

MS Teams Open App In Desktop App

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Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a fantastic App that allows great collaboration across platforms like Windows, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and many more. 

However, if you work on a windows system, and if you have the default settings, then you may be annoyed about the same behaviour of MS Teams like I am. To be more precise, MS Teams opening MS Excel sheets, MS Word documents, MS Powerpoint presentations in either MS Teams itself or in the Edge Browser instead of the Desktop App like Excel, Word or Powerpoint.

Why is this annoying? Well, if Excel, Powerpoint and Word files are opened in the Edge Browser or MS Teams, then they behave differently and you have less functions and options available. On top, Microsoft is not offering a “one click” option to open the files in Powerpoint, Excel or Word. 

Therefore, the best option – in my opinion – is to change the MS Teams settings and by this ensure that MS Teams by default leverages on Desktop Apps like Powerpoint, Excel and Word. 

This how to explains you how and I can tell you, its actually simple…

MS Teams Open App In Desktop App

You need to change the default settings of MS Teams. This you can do by:

  1. Use the three dots at the top right corner of your MS Teams App. This will open the Settings
  2. In the Settings, click on “Files”
  3. In “Files” choose the “Desktop App” option. 

In case you do not see this options, ensure you have updated your MS Teams App. In case it is updated, but you are in a corporate enviornement, than you should consult your IT Service Desk.

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