Remote Access Mac With Luna

This How To Remote Access Mac With Luna helps to remote access your Mac or Macbook leveraging on Luna. Tablets like the iPad are excellent, but sometimes you still need a Mac. This for example if you have to leverage on Software that is not running on iPadOS.

Remote Access Mac With Luna

Remote Access Mac With Luna

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I would love to use only my iPad without the need of using Windows, Mac mini or a Macbook anymore. Unfortunately, Apple is with its iPad not yet there. There is still software which you cannot run on an iPad. For this reason and if you still like to leverage on your iPad you potentially have two options (or more?):

  • Remote access your MacBook or Mac 
  • Remote access your Windows

Luna Display is providing an excellent opportunity to do so – at least as long you stay in your own network. For more remote access via internet, I maybe will write a post later. 

Luna Display has however some amazing features that make it more seamless to access your Mac or Windows in your local LAN. This is why you are likely to prefer Luna Display over other options, such as Google Remote Desktop. At least I do.

Check out the Luna Display website for the feature that Luna is providing.

How To Remote Access Mac With Luna

First of all, you need to order a Luna Display USB Dongle. You can do this directly on their website or via Amazon.

Once you received the Luna Display USB Dongle, then you will realise that starting and using Luna Display is very simple, but it’s amazing. Lets start.

  1. You will need to consider your Mac (or Windows) the primary display
  2. Go to the Luna Display website and download the software for the primary display (for your Mac or Windows)
  3. Your iPad will be your secondary display. Go to the Luna Display website and click for installing the app on your iPad. It will reference you directly to the AppStore.
  4. Luna made available a more detailed setup guide with some nice example. You like to check out this.
  5. Once you all installed this, than you are ready to go.

There is one thing I have to say…. It has taken me a while until I realised the advantage of using my Mac by an Apple Pencil. Once you in this, then you will see that there are many use cases in which you prefer Luna display and the Apple Pencil over using the mouse directly on your Mac.

Additional Information

In this case, and since it is so simple, I actually cannot provide you with a lot of additional information. But depending on your case, these websites maybe help you and provide you additional information: