Status Miles

The Miles & More loyalty program knows tow types of miles:

  • Status miles
  • Award miles

Status miles are required to achieve one of the possible Miles & More status level. These status level include:

  • Miles & More member: This is the entry status. Everyone can achieve this.
  • Frequent Traveller: To achieve this, you must collect within one year 35000 status miles or have a minimum of 30 flights
  • Senator: You can reach senator status if you collected 100 000 status miles within one calendar year
  • HON Circle: You achieve HON circle by collecting 600 000 HON circle miles within two calendar years

Note: Except the basic Miles & More member, all status remain valid for a period of 2 years. Within these two years you must achieve again the requirements in one of the 2 calendar years to extend your status.

* Information as of August 2023

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Why to achieve another status?

Being Frequent traveller, Senator or HON Circle helps you to travel more comfortable with the member airlines. This includes access to airport lounges, simpler booking, pre-filled forms, and many more.

Becoming Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle however comes for a price. It means that you will sometimes not book the cheapest flight anymore, but one of the partner airlines that allow you to collect status miles. You also will start to consider, that even within the Miles & More airlines not each booking will provide you with the same amount of status miles. Typically, you earn much more miles, if you book in one of the more expensive booking classes.