Understand PARTUUID and UUID

The difference between PARTUUID and UUID may be confusing to you. Both are however easy to find and understand. This how to helps you to understand PARTUUID and UUID.

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PARTUUID and UUID are not the same. They look different and they are different. Thats the difference:

  • UUID: specifies the file systems UUID
  • PARTUUID: The PARTUUID partition identifier is supported for the GUID Partition Table (GPT) and others


There are various options to find the PARTUUID. I find the best option is to leverage on the lsblk command, as with the right options it shows very nicely all PARTUUID‘s of your file system. The partx and blkid commands mybe are useful too and achieve the same.


This command will print a table that looks like the below (obviously for your system it will look most likely different from a content point of view.

How To Find PARTUUID Using lsblk

How To Find PARTUUID Using lsblk

Now, the above command shows you the PARTUUID only, but you maybe like to see both, the PARTUUID and the UUID. lsblk is a strong tool and it actually can show both. Simply execute the below command:


I have executed this command on a different system in order to allow you to see how things look different on different system. The point however is, in the table you see with this command both, the PARTUUID and the UUID.

Find Both, PARTUUID and UUID

Find Both, PARTUUID and UUID

Additional Information

There is much more that you can do with the lsblk command and its option. Furthermore, there is much more knowledge on the internet about PARTUUID‘s and UUID‘s. You maybe like to leverage on Google on this, or alternatively I made available some sources for you: