Fix Virtual Box 7 Unable To Connect USB Devices

This How To Fix Virtual Box 7 Unable To Connect USB Devices provides an How To including an option to fix this issue. 

Fix Virtual Box 7 Unable To Connect USB Devices

Fix Virtual Box 7 Unable To Connect USB Devices



To fix the issue, it is maybe worth for you to know my environment, a this maybe impacts if the fix is working. Said this, even if you have not exactly the same environment, the fix maybe works for you too. It’s worth to try it. Anyway, my environment:

  • MacBook Air with macOS Big Sur 11.7.2 installed
  • Intel based Macbook Air
  • Windows 10, incl. the latest patches
  • Virtual Box 7.0.6 r155176

How To Fix Virtual Box 7 Unable To Connect USB Devices

The issue may turns into the following error message:

Failed to attach the USB device General USB KNX License Stick [0200] to the virtual machine Windows 10 for KNX.
Failed to create a proxy device for the USB device. (Error: VERR_SHARING_VIOLATION).

Without having a huge background on Virtual Box, and because this was working before with Virtual Box 6.x.x, this error looked to me like an error that could potentially be related to permissions. 

The way I fixed this error is by starting Virtual Box 7 with more permissions. To do so:

  • Open a Terminal Window on your Mac
  • Type sudo virtualbox
  • Virtual Box will start. You maybe need to add your virtual machine newly, but this should be easy

To be honest with you, this fix does not fix the root cause. It simply gives Virtual Box 7 more permission because we start it with “sudo”. That being said, the Virtual Box process gets by this additional access rights that for example incl. USB devices. Please be careful, this also potentially could be a security risk! Therefore, I suggest to use this solution only in a controlled and limited manner.

Additional Information

To find and download Virtual Box, I suggest to surf to the official webpage. To learn more about macOS Big Sur, I suggest to check out this webpage.

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