There are various scenarios that require the PARTUUID of your USB devices. One scenario is booting your Raspberry from a USB drive. This how to get PARTUUID helps you to find out the PARTUUIDs of your USB devices plugged into your Raspberry Pi.



In this scenario we run a Raspberry Pi that consists of a SD Card and a USB Stick. We add in this scenario an additional USB stick and find out what is the PARTUUID of this USB stick.

1. Step, execute the below command before you add the additional USB stick


PARTUUID Identification

How to find PARTUUID of a USB device

2. Step, plug the additional USB stick into your Raspberry and execute again the below command


How To Get PARTUUID - 2

How To find PARTUUID – now with 2 USB devices

As you can see, lsblk now lists the second additional USB device. In this scenario its a SanDisk_3,2Gen1. Now in this scenario the PARTUUID is exactly the same and the reason for it is that previously the Corsair Voyager was cloned to the SanDisk USB. In both cases the PARTUUID is 2fe7ed1f-01. If it would not be a clone, than the PARTUUID would most likely be different.

Additional Information:

Have a look at the man pages for lbslk with additional information on this very powerful command.

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