How To Get PARTUUID on OpenHABian

If you like to boot your openHABian on a Raspberry instead of the SD card, then you might need the PARTUUID. This how to get PARTUUID on OpenHABian explains how to find out the PARTUUID’s.

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There are various scenarios requiring you to know the PARTUUID. At the end of the day it does not matter in which scenario you are, as the good news is, that it is easy to find the PARTUUID.

As for my environment and to allow you to compare:

  • Raspberry Pi Model B
  • OpenHABian 3.0.0

How To Get PARTUUID on OpenHABian

First of all, and before plugging the USB stick, you execute the following command that gives you the as is situation:


You will be shared in a structured way which devices are existing. Please not it down. The other option is, you keep the terminal window open whilst opening a new one. Once done, plug the USB drive or stick. Give your system a couple of seconds or to be on the secure side a minute. Now you fire the same command again (ideally on the second terminal window):


Immediately you will see the difference. Additionally, you may recognise the column called PARTUUID. This is the column in which you find the PARTUUID of your added, but also of the already mounted USB drives and sticks. As an example, it could look like this:

How To Get PARTUUID on OpenHABian

How To Get PARTUUID on OpenHABian

That’s basically it! I hope this helps! In case you are interested to move from mounting on your SD card towards a USB stick or drive, than you like to check out this great How To.

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