Find Out My OpenHAB (OH) Version

This how to helps you to learn finding out your installed version of OpenHAB. Its actually very simple.

Find Out My OpenHAB (OH) Version

Find Out My OpenHAB (OH) Version


Index Of How To Find Out My OpenHAB (OH) Version


In this how to I am leveraging on an OpenHAB installed on a Raspberry Pi. I assume you have  the same setup, leveraging on openhabian on your Raspberry Pi. Most likely you however will find this How To working also on any common Linux, like for example Debian Linux.

In case s you like to install openhabian on a Raspberry, than you like to check the Additional Information Chapter.

How To Find Out My OpenHAB (OH) Version

To find out the currently installed OpenHAB version you connect to your Raspberry leveraging on SSH. Once you are connected type the following command into the terminal:

dpkg --list | grep openhab

The output will look like something like this:

 openhabian@OpenHAB:~ $ dpkg --list | grep openhab
ii openhab 3.3.0-1 all openhab
ii openhab-addons 3.3.0-1 all openhab-addons
openhabian@OpenHAB:~ $

In the above you can read the “3.3.0-1” that is representing the version number. In this case OpenHAB 3 is installed and the current version is 3.3.0

Additional Information

In case you are interested to install OpenHAB on a Raspberry Pi, than you like to leverage on the following How To: Setup A New OpenHAB On Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, a while ago I wrote a comprehensive Hardening of OpenHAB Guide. You like to check out this too, as it will help you to protect against cyber threats. 

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