How To Open A Cryptomator Vault On iPhone

You learn in this How To Open A Cryptomator Vault On iPhone a simple way to connect to an existing Cryptomator drive. Since pictures help to explain, included pictures show you a 10 steps approach graphically.

Index Of How To Open A Cryptomator Vault On iPhone

How To Open A Cryptomator Vault On iPhone

  1. Open the Cyptomator App and click the + button.
  2. Select “Open Existing Vault”.
  3. We select “iCloud Drive”, except you have another cloud provider the relevant one.
  4. Select the option “Select Vault Folder”.
  5. Next step, select your Folder (in this How To we select “Fotos”).
  6. Enter your password to access the folder.
  7. If you entered your password correctly, the Cyptomator App will confirm the successful connection by a “tick”.
  8. The Cyptomator App ask you whether you like to Open in Files App. I recommend to do so, as it makes working with Cryptomator very smooth and fully integrated into your iPhone. Select Open in Files App and your Cyptomator App will open the iPhone “Files” app.
  9. Cryptomator will now open the Files App, in which you need to enter your password a second time. In my case I also selected Enable Face ID. This makes working with Cryptomator more easy.
  10. Access to by Cryptomator protected files is now same simple as with locally or non-protected in the iCloud stored files/folders.
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Finally, the official Cryptomator community offers an official documentation. You like to check this out! There is a lot you can learn about Cryptomator!