How To WhatsApp With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Depending on your scenario, you maybe ask how you can keep WhatsApp segregated. One scenario would be your employer asks you to bring your own device (BOYD) and you like to keep your private WhatsApp segregated. The other scenario potentially could be, you decide to join as an expatriate (expat) a company in a foreign country and you like to keep your home mobile number and WhatsApp connected to your home mobile number. Of course, there are plenty more scenarios.


How To WhatsApp With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

How To WhatsApp With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


How To WhatsApp With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As of May 2022, WhatsApp does not offer an option allowing you to register with two different mobile numbers. This is where many people start to regret having bring your own device, as it would mean you need to decide whether you keep WhatsApp connected to your own private mobile number or you use it for your business mobile number or your mobile number of a foreign country. Let me say: Don’t give up! There are solutions:

  1. Select another alternative WhatsApp app from whatever the AppStore of your mobile device is called (e.g. App Store for iPhone or Google Play App Store)
  2. Simply install WhatsApp Business
  3. Only go with one WhatsApp and use it for the number you leverage most on
  4. etc.

This how to WhatsApp with bring your own device (BYOD) leverages on the 2nd option as it is the most promising one and it works really well. Lets say you have a device (e.g. an iPhone) and you want to keep your current number. In addition you go into a foreign country or your employer asks you for BOYD. First thing you have to do:

  • Keep your existing physical SIM card or move your existing physical SIM card into an eSIM. This allows you to keep your number. Your current WhatsApp stays and no change is required
  • Download WhatsApp Business. The great thing on WhatsApp business is, that you have the same user experience by using it. Now you install your new physical SIM card or your additional eSIM that you have from your employer or that you use on in a foreign country. Once you installed your new eSIM or physical SIM and once you configured your mobile device (e.g. iPhone) the way you like it, than you start WhatsApp Business
  • Once WhatsApp Business is started, you register it for the new number, your new number in the foreign country that you like to use as an Expat or your new bring your own device number (BYOD) that you have from your employer
  • Voilà! All done now. Enjoy!

Additional Information

Download WhatsApp in Apple Store or Google Play Store

Download WhatsApp Business in Apple Store or Google Play Store

Buy an iPhone that is physical SIM and eSIM enabled, for example an iPhone 13 or another great model which is the iPhone 13 Max or the iPhone 13 Pro that seems to be amazing! Of course you can have it cheaper, for example with an iPhone SE.