Install Prometheus Node Exporter

This how to helps you to learn how to install Prometheus Node Exporter on Raspberry Pi. With this how to you get it done step by step.

How To Install Prometheus Node Exporter

How To Install Prometheus Node Exporter

Index Of How To Install Prometheus Node Exporter


The Prometheus Node Exporter is an essential component for monitoring Linux systems. It collects hardware and operating system metrics, such as CPU usage, memory, disk, and network statistics. By bridging between Prometheus and the kernel, it enables effective monitoring and troubleshooting. Whether you’re tracking resource utilization or setting up alerts, the Node Exporter provides valuable insights into your infrastructure’s health and performance.

How to Install Prometheus Node Exporter

First update your Raspberry

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Following this you need to download Prometheus Node Exporter
sudo wget -O node-exporter.tar.gz

Next step is to un-tar by the below command

sudo tar -xvf node-exporter.tar.gz

In the next step (you maybe select a different way) I have moved the files into the /opt
sudo mkdir /opt/prometheus_node_exporter-1.7.0.linux-armv7

Move the files towards the freshly created target directory in /opt

mv * /opt/prometheus_node_exporter-1.7.0.linux-armv7/

Obviously we like the service to be started automatically. Therefore we create first a service:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/nodeexporter.service

Within this file I put the following content:
Description=Prometheus Node Exporter




Once done. We enable the new service:

sudo systemctl enable nodeexporter

Next, we start the service:

sudo systemctl enable nodeexporter

Finally, we test if the service is running:

sudo systemctl status nodeexporter

Test whether you can access it via your browser <YOUR IP Address:9100>. This should look like the below:

Node Exporter

Node Exporter

Additional Information

Official Prometheus website

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