Install WhatsApp on Mac

This How To Install WhatsApp on Mac is a simple guide helping you to install WhatsApp on your Mac M1 or on your MacBook computer. 



WhatsApp is an amazing app and it changed the way we are communicating. Not to many years back we had to pay for any SMS text message a couple of cents, whilst these days WhatsApp and other messengers such as Telegram, Threema or Signal allow us to do this for free. Wouldn’t it be nice to have WhatsApp also installed on your Mac? Whilst working on your Mac, you do not need to move your hands away from your keyboard to respond to your WhatsApp messages. You simply leverage on Cmd + Tab. Couldn’t life be more simple?

How To Install WhatsApp on Mac

It’s actually very simple to get it work. First you will surf to the WhatsApp page, then you download the App, you install it and then you connect it to your mobile by the QR code. Too fast? OK, lets do it step by step:

  • Open Safari or any other browser on your Mac computer
  • Surf to or click the link
  • On the WhatsApp page, you will find something that looks like the below picture. Click on “Mac or Windows PC”
Install WhatsApp on Mac

Install WhatsApp on Mac

  • Once you clicked on “Mac or Windows PC” the website will guide you to the next page on which you simply select “Download for Mac OS”
  • Depending on your internet bandwidth, this will or not take a while. Anyway, once downloaded, you go to the download section of your computer and double-click the downloaded WhatsApp file
  • In my case the Anti – Virus (some call it Anti Malware) software reacted and proactively scanned the file for any sort of threats. After it did not find any, I obviously continued the journey. If you have not installed an anti virus software on your Mac, then this check will not happen
  • Back to opening the downloaded file. A new window will open showing you the WhatsApp app. Simply drag and drop it into the “Application” folder
  • Once the above is done, open your Application folder on your Mac and double click the new installed WhatsApp app
  • After it opened, it will ask you to connect with your mobile phone WhatsApp. Simply follow the instructions and soon you will be using WhatsApp also from your Mac (in addition to your mobile phone of course 🙂 )