Tesla Does Not Connect WiFi

Tesla seems to be sensitive for connecting WiFi networks. Just recently my Tesla was unable to connect a for the Tesla well known network with which it had not any problems for years. To fix it, I had to get rid of special characters. It looks like there are currently issues with special characters. 


Tesla Does Not Connect WiFi

Tesla Does Not Connect WiFi




The Tesla in this scenario used is a Tesla Model X from back in 2018. The WiFi Network is a UniFi network consisting of an outdoor access point that I use for the Tesla Model X. Finally, the WiFi network that was broadcasted over the UniFi network was called „Fussball_Club_Zurich_1896“.

For years this did work very well, but out of the nowhere and without changing anything, neither on the WiFi nor on the Tesla, the Tesla could not connect anymore.

How to address Tesla does not connect WiFi

After some troubleshooting and also debug of the UniFi log files, i realized that the problem must be with Tesla. To troubleshoot the issue, i created in my UniFi environment a new WiFi network that was called “Tesla”. After typing the password for the new WiFi network called “Tesla” the Tesla Model X did connect immediately to the network called “Tesla”.

How to create a new network in the UniFi environment

First of all, you need to connect to the UniFi controller. Secondly you login into your UniFi controller with your username and password. Once you have successfully logged in, execute the following steps:

  • Click on System Settings icon on the low left hand site.
  • Then, you like to select “WiFi”.
  • Following this, you simply click on “Create New WiFi Network”.
  • I simply gave it the name “Tesla” and set a great Password which of course i do not disclose.
  • Go thru the details settings of your newly created network and ensure that 2.4 GHz is enabled. Not sure about newer Tesla’s, e.g. Teslas after 2018. My Tesla, that was produced in 2018 seems to work best on the 2.4 GHz WiFi Band. You maybe also like to enable simply both, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and leave it to your Tesla to decide

Once done, you go to your Tesla and select the WiFi called “Tesla”. Enter your password. If done correctly, your Tesla should connect.

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