Missing Sent Mail on Mac

This how to helps you to learn fixing the Missing Sent Mail on Mac in the Sent Mail Mailbox. There is a way to fix it!


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Imaging how annoying it can be, if you send an email and you would like to read it of follow up on it at a later stage and you cannot find it anymore. It gets even more annoying, if it is an important email for business or even for private reasons. Exactly this happened to me on my Mac. After searching a while, i found out that it is actually simple to fix it and the issue could have been avoided by a proper configuration.

In my scenario, i am using

  • Apple Mac Book
  • Mac OS Big Sur 11.7.8
  • Mac Mail Version 14.0 (3654.

How To Missing Sent Mail on Mac

The key thing to fix this issue is to check the configuration. To do so, we open Mail on Mac. Afterwards, we click on “Mail” in the upper left corner and within “Mail” we select “Preferences”.

In the “Preferences” section you will see several options, including “General”, “Accounts”, “Junk Mail”, etc. You would like to klick on “Accounts”.

Missing Sent Mail On Mac

Missing Sent Mail On Mac

As you can see in my example (picture above), nothing was selected for “Draft Mailbox”, “Sent Mailbox”, “Junk Mailbox” and “Bin Mailbox”. No surprise my email was lost. Even, i would have Apple expected to still put the Email somewhere instead of completely loose it, but that’s another story….

Anyway, after i selected the correct Mailboxes, and after some tests, I found my Mac doing the right thing, which is storing emails in the Sent Mailbox.

Additional Information

You maybe like to check out the Apple Mail User Guide for additional tips and tricks for Mail. For problems, there is maybe also the Apple Community a big help for you! Finally, Apple Stores (you can create an appointment via the Apple website) also offer learning services.

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