How To Earn Crypto By Searching On iPad

Presearch rewards you with $PRE crypto tokens just for searching the web. You learn with this How To Earn Crypto By Searching On iPad how easy this is. To do so, we leverage on the iOS Presearch Browser iOS Presearch Browser is a decentralized search engine that provides better results whilst protecting your privacy. On top of this, you can earn crypto tokens!



Presearch issued its own Presearch Browser in Apple App Store which is actually a fork of the Chromium-based Brave Browser. The ecosystem of Presearch enables you to search the internet decentralized:

  • You have the choice which data sources you like to utilize
  • The decision making process for Presearch is driven by the community. This way everyone’s interests are aligned, and the best content is displayed in the search results
  • Presearch offers an ability to vote on and fund development projects. This provides the ability to influence and improve the Presearch platform, and earn crypto tokens for contributing
  • Tokens will be issued to early adopters to reward usage and promotion of the platform

How To Earn My First 25 $PRE For Free

Simply use this link and register an account.

How To Install Presearch On An iPad

Installing Presearch on an iPad is something really simple. This How To Earn Crypto By Searching On iPad explains you how:

1. Register an account with Presearch by leveraging this link that gives you on top of registering 25 $PRE for free!

2. Download the Presearch Browser in Apple App Store 

3. Start Presearch that will look like in the below picuture

Presearch Browser on iPad

Presearch Browser on iPad

4. In this 4th step you add your Presearch account that you have pre-registered in step 1

Presearch Login With Your Account

Presearch Login With Your Account

5. Make Presearch your default Browser. To do so, you go to your iPad Settings, and within iPad Settings you select Presearch. Here you can find the menu point of „Default Browser App“. You select Presearch.

Additional Information

Find out more about the Presearch project on the official webpage.

Wallets for $Pre can be found via the official webpage in the wallet part of it.

You find the official news about the Presearch project here.

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