OpenHAB: How To Transform m/s into miles per hour (mph)

This how to helps you to transform wind values of m/s into miles per hour (mph) with OpenHAB. It provides an example of a rule as well as the maths behind. This might be helpful for any sort of mathematical transformation that you like to do with your weather and wind data.

OpenHAB: How To Transform m/s into miles per hour (mph)

OpenHAB: How To Transform m/s into miles per hour (mph)

Index Of OpenHAB: How To Transform m/s into miles per hour (mph)

Background of OpenHAB: How To Transform m/s into miles per hour (mph)

I have a weather station that measures the wind speed in meters per second (m/s). This however is very difficult to understand, as generally we are far more used to Miles per Hour (mph). Therefore, I was wondering how this can be calculated into mph. After some research in the internet, I found a way that works quite well for me. It might be useful for you too.

My environment:

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • OpenHAB 4
  • KNX
  • MDT Weather Station 

OpenHAB: How To Transform m/s into miles per hour (mph)

First of all we need to create the necessary items in the .items file. In my case the items looks like this:

Number Weatherstation_Wind_Speed                            "Current Wind [%.1f m/s]"                                <wind>                  (All, gWetter, gSQLAllChanges)          { channel="knx:device:bridge:MDT_1_1_3:MDT_1_1_3_Wind" }
Number Windspeed_mph                                        "Current Wind [%.1f mph]"                                <wind>                  (All, gWetter, gSQLAllChanges)

After I have done this, I have created a rule which basically calculates the wind in Miles per Hour (mph). For this it is important to know that transforming from m/s into mph there is the factor 2.23693629 to be used.

m/s multiplied by 2.23693629 = mph 

This is the rule I have created and that works very well for me:

rule "Calculate Wind in mph"
    Item Weatherstation_Wind_Speed changed
    logInfo("Weatherstation_mph.rules", "Rule execution started. Reason: Changed Item to Value of Weatherstation_Wind_Speed {}", Weatherstation_Wind_Speed.state) 
    Windspeed_mph.sendCommand((Weatherstation_Wind_Speed.state as Number) * 2.23693629)

Additional Information

OpenHAB is a fantastic free open source software framework that allows you to do amazing stuff with your home and beyond! To find out how to install OpenHAB (which is very simple) check out the How To Setup a New OpenHAB.

To find out more about the great OpenHAB project, check out the official project Website.

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