Update Rclone On OpenHABian

This how to helps you to learn How To Update Rclone On OpenHABian (OpenHAB). You typically need this, if you are facing issues and errors with your cloud service provider. Additionally, openHABian comes currently with quite an old version of Rclone

Update Rclone on OpenHABian

Update Rclone on OpenHABian

Index Of How To Update Rclone On OpenHABian

Background of Update Rclone On OpenHABian

I faced some issues with Google drive. For this reason and after many hours of troubleshooting I decided to update Rclone. The result was that all the errors I had disappeared. I think this guide is maybe useful for you, if you face some errors too. 

How To Update Rclone On OpenHABian

Installing rclone is easy. You simple fire the below command on your OpenHAB console:

sudo apt-get install rclone

To find out which version you have installed, you can run the below command.

rclone version

If the version is 1.53.3, then you run on an old version. RClone is currently in the version 1.6.x.x The reason for why you have an old version is that you have installed the standard openHABian and that this bases on Debian Linux. Debian Linux is currently using the 1.53.3 version in its stable distribution. 

Update rclone from 1.53.3

First, we will deinstall the old 1.53.3 version. This you can get done by executing (the “– purge” will delete all previously made configurations. If you like to keep your configurations simply do not add the –purge):

sudo apt-get --purge remove rclone

Now let’s grab the newest version of rclone and then install it. This you can do by executing the online available installation script. 

sudo -v ; curl https://rclone.org/install.sh | sudo bash

Doublecheck now whether you have the latest version.

sudo rclone version

If you have 1.6x.x, then you should be fine for the below next steps. Jump to the “Configure rclone” chapter.

Additional Information

More about Rclone can be found on the official Website.  If you like to learn more about openhabian, than you like to check out this GitHub website.

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