Watch National League PlayOffs 2023

This how to watch National League Playoffs 2023 brings you closer to the Swiss hockey. In the National League they actually play a surprising appealing ice hockey. Similar to the National Hockey League (NHL) the playoffs are also in Switzerland the best time in the year! This how to provides you with options to watch it!

Watch National League Playoffs 2023

Watch National League Playoffs 2023

Index of How To Watch Swiss Hockey



Its called groundhopping! Groundhopping is traveling into a foreign country to watch games of another team. Its fun! It’s great to compare! It’s fantastic to meet new people and its great for you to exchange with others that have the same interests.

The Swiss National League Playoffs 2023 are an option for you to leverage on the groundhopping opportunity. The National League provides enthusiastic fans and technically great hockey. Its fast! Ok… not as fast as the NHL, but fast!

No surprise Swiss hockey stars like Timo Meier, Paul Di Pietro, Pius Suter, Nico Hischier, Kevin Fiala, Nino Niederreiter or Mark Streit play and played key roles in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Close to the airport

This how to leverages on ZSC Lions Zurich, EHC Kloten Zurich and EV Zug Zurich that are all very close to Switzerlands biggest airport! The best option certainly is ZSC Lions Zurich, that is directly in the city. Similar to New Jersey Devils to New York, the ECH Kloten Zurich and EV Zug Zurich are outside the city, but in the agglomeration of Zurich. You maybe booked anyway a trip to Europe and you consider to add one stop to Switzerland. If this is the case, than this lovely How To Watch National League PlayOffs 2023 can get you there!

TV as Alternative to Travel

The National League is also in the TV! Depending on the time zone you are in, you maybe are able to watch games live or as recoding. However, you as true hockey fan know, nothing is comparable to a visit in the stadium!

Schedule: Playoffs 2023 of the Swiss National Hockey League

The playoffs are scheduled start on March 14th, and end latest on April 29th, 2023!

Watch National League PlayOffs 2023

It’s actually more easy to watch Swiss hockey as you would think. 2 Options:

  1. Plan your Europe / Switzerland trip accordingly and get a ticket for entering the stadium upfront and before you travel (online)
  2. Watch it on TV

1. Plan your Europe / Switzerland trip

It is actually very easy to get to the ZSC Lions Zurich home (called Swiss Life Arena). Overall a very short journey from the biggest Swiss airport, called Zurich Airport (ZRH) brings you to the stadium. You find an even shorter journey from the biggest Swiss train station, called Zurich HB. Finally, it’s easy to reach by car because the stadium is next to a motorway. There are options and all are easy:

  • Take the plane and public transport
  • Take the public transport
  • Drive by car 


Get to the SwissLife Areana

Get to the SwissLife Areana


Alternatives to Zurich ZSC Lions are:


Swiss National League Stadiums

Swiss National League Stadiums


2. Watch on TV

The Swiss television called SRF offers live ice hockey games during playoff time. These can even be watched directly on their internet website. They however block access from the United States and most likely also from Canada too. To resolve this issue you need to install one of the VPN provider that offer a Swiss IP address. If you get this done, then you watch for free!

The alternative is on My Sports. For this offer you need both, a VPN provider for a Swiss IP address and you need to pay. 

Finally, there is another option that allow you to watch globally, without a VPN provider. Just get an NL TV Pass for this. 

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