Apple Watch Black Screen

This how to may be helps you to fix Apple Watch Black Screen, e.g. if it remains black or looks like being off. 

Apple Watch Display Not Working

Apple Watch Black Screen

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OK, I have to admit, i went with my Apple Watch into the sea and did not activate the Swimming Mode. Not sure, honestly, whether this would have been necessary. Whilst the Apple Watch remained working just after swimming in the sea, the display did not anymore after about 2 hours later. 

Whenever i raised my wrist, then i saw the display just quickly flashing a white/yellow color and this was it. The display remained black or off, whilst i saw the Apple Watch on my iPhone fully working. This kind of indicated to me, that the Apple Watch still was fully operative, whilst the display seems to have an issue.

I searched the internet like crazy, i looked for How To’s and tried all the stuff, but there was only one thing that did help: Patience…. Check out the How To Fix Apple Watch Display not Working chapter, as this potentially could help you too.

How To Fix Apple Watch Black Screen

To be honest, finding the solution was based on all the stuff that i read in the internet, but i could not find a description of what helped in my case. I was assuming, that there must have been some water in my watch, or at least it must have been some sort of wet inside my watch. Therefore, i decided to keep the watch on the charging station. This i have done for 5 continuous days. Following this, and following the watch still had the same issue, the display only reacted by quickly flashing a white/yellow color, it started to work again after wearing it a couple of hours. It was like magic!

After a couple of days and after thinking more about it, i wanted to understand whether i can reproduce the issue. This time, i did hold the Apple Watch under running water. Just for like 20 seconds. The Apple Watch remained working. However, a few hours later, it was again in the mood of the display only reacts very short flashing white/black when lifting the wrist. 

Leveraging on my experience from the first time, i put the watch again onto the charger and did keep it there for this time 3 days. After 3 days, i toke it off and I did wear it again, even though the display remained in the unpleasant situation. Again, after a couple of hours later, the Apple Watch was fully operative again, with the display reacting as expected.

My Apple Watch most likely has an issue with water and is not water proof anymore. However, it seems I found a way to fix the issue and making the watch healing itself. It requires some patience and it may turns into losing some date by not being able to track. However, overall it saves some money by not immediately buying a new watch. 

This how to maybe works for you too. I of course recommend to give it at least a try. If it works for you too, great!


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