Learn Typing With Raspberry (Tuxtyping)

This How To Learn Typing With Raspberry (Tuxtyping) helps children to learn master the keyboard. I share how to install it and get ready for fun! The software helps to quickly learn using 10 fingers on the Keyboard. 

Learn Typing With Raspberry (Tuxtyping)

Learn Typing With Raspberry (Tuxtyping)


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Being able to leverage on fast writing on a computer is far more fun. It’s therefore key to learn 10 finger system writing. Whilst kids typically prefer to play on the computer, rather then learning 10 fingers system typing, I was looking for a more game like approach. After searching the internet for a while, I found Tuxtyping and I am quite convinced.

Hereby I share with you how to install it. This will allow your children to learn fast typing, whilst having some fun. If you cannot type yet, than you maybe like to try it too 🙂


How To Learn Typing With Raspberry (Tuxtyping)

Start your Linux and / or Raspberry Pi. Once done, open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install tuxtype

The app will be installed and there is nothing that you have to do in addition. After successful installation, you will find a new icon on your graphical user interface (GUI) that is called Tuxtypoing. Start it and have fun!

Tuxtyping - Learn typing

Tuxtyping – Learn typing


Additional Information

Learning typing by using all 10 fingers Is key to use a computer properly. Tuxtyping is one of the options that allow you to do so. Its fun! There are of course other options too. I have not tried them, but for example there are:

  • Turbotipper
  • GNU typist (gtype)
  • Klavaro
  • com
  • Keybr

Maybe you simply install all of them and find out which one is most fun for your children (or you).

Klavaro can be installed by running:

sudo apt-get install klavaro

Finally, there are plenty of other online resources available. You might just want to Google and find some cool webpages to learn typing too. Some of them however ask for a fee to learn. To be honest with you, ages ago I learned typing with a simple software and Tuxtyping is in my opinion more then good enough. 

Tuxtyping man pages can be found here.