Debian 9.0 Stretch

Debian 9: Stretching the Limits

Debian 9, released in June 2017 and marked as stable version of the Debian operating system. It followed the previous release, Debian 8 (“Jessie”), and introduced several improvements, enhancements, and updated software packages.

Key Features and Changes:

Key Features and Changes

  1. Systemd Adoption: Debian 9 fully embraced the systemd init system, replacing the traditional SysVinit. This transition streamlined service management, improved boot times, and standardized system initialization.

  2. Updated Software Stack:

    • GNOME 3.22: The default desktop environment received an upgrade, offering a modern and user-friendly interface.
    • Linux Kernel 4.9: Stretch shipped with an updated kernel, providing better hardware support and security features.
    • PHP 7.0: Developers benefited from the latest PHP version, enhancing web application performance.
    • MariaDB 10.1: Replacing MySQL, MariaDB became the default relational database management system (RDBMS).
  3. Secure by Default:

    • Debian 9 emphasized security, with features like AppArmor profiles and hardened compiler flags.
    • The firewalld utility simplified firewall configuration.
  4. Improved Package Management:

    • APT 1.4: The Advanced Package Tool (APT) received updates, making package management more efficient.
    • Multi-Arch Support: Stretch allowed seamless installation of packages for multiple architectures.
  5. Debian Installer Enhancements:

    • The installer featured better hardware detection and improved accessibility.
    • Support for UEFI Secure Boot was added.


Debian 9 “Stretch” served as a solid foundation for servers, workstations, and development environments. Its stability, extensive package repository, and community-driven ethos made it a favorite among Linux enthusiasts. As Debian enthusiasts eagerly awaited the next release, Stretch remained a testament to the project’s dedication to open-source excellence.

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