How To Create A New Cryptomator Vault On iPhone

You learn with this how to create a new Cryptomator Vault in iCloud On iPhone to protect your data for privacy or security reasons. Further, you will learn how to leverage on Cryptomator.



Since there are various reasons that speak for or against encrypting data that is stored in the cloud, we do not debate this in this How To. However, the most common concerns that speak for encryption are on privacy and that the cloud drive potentially is exposed to the cyber risk. Additionally, I hear often concerns about data being stored in a foreign country with a different legal environment that potentially allows local authorities to do different things which you maybe not like.

This How To Create An iCloud Cryptomator Vault On A iPhone assumes that you have installed the Cyptomator App already and that you have either a iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad or iPad mini. If you do not have one of these, the how to maybe works for you too or some steps maybe are different on your tablet.

Important Note

Let me say this: Before you start with this How To Create An iCloud Cryptomator Vault On iPhone, i strongly recommend you backup all your data on an external backup drive, since this is in general seen as a good option to backup data. There are some good external hard drive options available on the market. If you backed up your data you are safe for the case that someting goes wrong whilst you store data encrypted in iCloud.

How To Create A New Cryptomator Vault On iPhone

You will now learn how to create a new Cryptomator Vault (Folder). Since this is very simple, you love this  10 step guide that helps you for how you can get this done. Also, you like the below picture that supports you in the 10 step guide graphically. 

Important Note: Whilst you are creating a Cryptomator Vault, you will be requested to create a password. You do not like to lose this password. If you lose it, your data is most likely lost too.

Lets start by clicking the + button in the Cyptomator App :

  1. You like to select “Create New Vault”
  2. Give your new Vault a name that you like. In this How To I called it “My New Secure Vault”
  3. You now like to select the cloud service in which you like to store your data securely. In this example we select iCloud Drive
  4. Your storage location is what needs to be selected next. In this example, you will be selecting a folder within iCloud Drive
  5. You now have in this example crated a “Cryptomator” Folder in iCloud. You select this folder to store the newly to be created Vault and click on “Done”
  6. Cryptomator asks you now to create a password. You like to create a secure password and you like to store it securely. If you lose this password, you will have no access to your data anymore!
  7. Cryptomator asks you to confirm that you should not forget your password because if you do forget it, all your data is potentially lost
  8. The Cyptomator App ask you whether you like to Open in Files App. I recommend to do so, as it makes working with Cryptomator very smooth and fully integrated into your iPhone. You select Open in Files App and your Cyptomator App will open the iPhone “Files” app.
  9. Your Cryptomator will now open the Files App, in which you need to enter your password a second time. Since you like to have a simple life, and if you don’t mind, you select Enable Face ID. This makes working with Cryptomator more easy for you.
  10. Access to by Cryptomator protected files is now same simple for you as with locally or non-protected in the iCloud stored files/folders
How To Secure Data In iCloud

How To Secure Data In iCloud

About How To Create A New Cryptomator Vault On iPhone

You learned with this How To Create A New Cryptomator Vault On iPhone a short lesson only. If you like to go thru a more extended How To, you like to click on How To Secure Data In iCloud.

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Finally, the official Cryptomator community offers an official documentation. You like to check this out! There is a lot you can learn about Cryptomator!