How To Index A Website in

The how to index a website in Bing is key to help you allowing the world to find your website and content more easy.

For this reason and, when you maintain or develop your new website, you should spend some time to go thru this how to. You will get help to index your webpage in Microsoft

You would like to note that I wrote a similar how to called How To Index a Website in Google for getting your website indexed in Google. To do so, you would like to check out the How To Index a Website in Google too.

The good news is, its not difficult for you to get indexed your website into Lets get started!


Check whether Microsoft knows the website

Your first step is very simple. You simply click the following link to check whether your website is already indexed: Check whether a webpage is indexed in Check this out for your website by simply replacing “” with your websites URL, e.g. site:YOUR-Website.whatever

If you cannot find your website indexed, then you get a result like the below picture. In this case, you should continue with this how to index a webpage in Microsoft

Webpage Not Indexed in

Webpage Not Indexed in

How to Index A Website in

You love to read that this is not too difficult. Let’s get it done! You will like this simple 4 step how to index a website in Microsoft that truly helps you.

Step 1:

You go to Microsoft Webmaster Tools

Step 2:

Sign in by using your Google, Microsoft or Facebook account. If you have not such an account, you can create an account, if you leverage on the below links:

This how to assumes that you registered already with Google and it leverages on the How To Index a Website in Google. For this reason you also like to leverage on your existing Google account. Certainly you are free to choose a different option.

After you decided to leverage on your Google account, the Microsoft Webmaster Tools provides you with two options, to either leverage on the Google Search Console or to add your site manually. Both have advantages and disadvantages for you. You in this how to index a website into will leverage on Google Search Console as it is the most simple way for you.

Leverage on Google Search Console

Step 3:

Once you hit “Import”, Microsoft Webmaster Tools will be asking you to import your data into Microsoft Webmaster Tools. It will share with you what exactly you will import. Further Microsoft Webmaster Tools tells you how your data is being used. If you are OK with this, then you simply continue to follow the guidance of Microsoft Webmaster Tools.

You most likely need during the process to select your Google account and you potentially need to login. Finally, you need to grant access for Microsoft Webmaster Tools, by which of course you will grant access. If you dislike granting access, you only have the option of adding your website manually. I recommend you to read the “Google Account” and “share data safely” advices carefully before you only hit “Allow”. In the below example I did feel comfortable and I did hit “Allow”.

Grant Microsoft Access To Your Google Account

Grant Microsoft Access To Your Google Account

Now, once you clicked Allow, you need to follow Step 4.

Step 4:

Microsoft Webmaster Tools will share with you the website you potentially like to imported (see below picture). To do so, you hit “Import”, as I did for


Import website into

Import website into

Once you have done this successfully, Microsoft Webmaster Tools  will tell you, that you imported the website successfully. You should see a picture that looks like the below one.

Site imported successfully leveraging on Google Account

Site imported successfully leveraging on Google Account


After you have this done, you like to “play” or “try and error” with the options you have in the Microsoft Webmaster Tools. You will for sure find thousands of how to’s and advices in the world wide web that will help you to understand how you best to tune the settings.

If you found a great how to for tuning your website, then let me know. I am very open to post your links that you have identified.


Additional Information to the How To Index A Webpage in

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